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The wisdom of Tommy, update

Just saw another Tommy Lasorda MLB ad, first mentioned here. Yes, it's Wednesday afternoon and yes, I'm watching the A's vs. Twins. But I'm working, too, via laptop. Really!

But my ability to multitask is not the issue. The commercial's message is. And guess what?

Yankeesny_slash_2_1Tommy does indeed say that all of us fans of non-playoff baseball teams need to watch the games and cheer on NY Yankees' opponents.

In this latest commercial, Lasorda is trying to console a Red Sox fan, a Herculean task if there ever was one (sorry, Tracy!). And he specifically tells her:

"October is the time to root against the Yankees!"

Yay, Tommy! Now if we can just get a few more of Red Sox Nation faithful watching and yelling for the Tigers, maybe we'll derail Steinbrenner's World Series train before it gets too far out of the station.

The hubby, who's in the adjacent recliner, sloughing off this weekday afternoon, too, says I'm in a state of denial, but a gal can hope, can't she?


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I absolutely loved that ad and am most definitely rooting against the Yankees!

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