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Movin' on

No, I'm not going anywhere. I just went through this hassle last year (twice!) and I'm staying put for a while.

But lots of people do move during the summer. With the kids out of school, you don't have to worry about them missing classes. Plus, you can put those little hands to work packing boxes!

Maybe I can borrow your kids to help unpack the containers I still have untouched in my dining room. Yes, you've heard this lament before here.

Moving_van_packard_2 I've accepted the fact that I'll miss my previously set goal of having all stuff out of all boxes by our one-year move-in anniversary. Now the plan is to be fully unpacked by Thanksgiving. I'll let you know.

Fellow financial blogger Debt Hater also experienced the travails of relocation earlier this year when she moved to take a job. She's chronicling all the financial and debt-producing components of the journey, and I got to join her on leg #7 of the trip where she looks at how to write off some moving costs on her next tax return.

You can read our discussion on what moving costs you can and cannot deduct here.

A click here will let you read DH's full moving diary, newest entry on top.

And you'll also probably notice what very good taste she has in blog themes and layout.

Thanks for taking me along for the ride, DH, and welcome to your new home!


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