Making your gas money go farther
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Keep pinching those pennies!

Penny_pinching_pliers The latest Festival of Frugality is available over at Wandering Indian Monk, who notes that it's the Festival's 21st edition and features 21 submissions.

A coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps we should call Mulder and Scully. Not only could they check out the numerology component, but their X-Files unit always seemed to be operating on the edge of existence, so a little FBI frugality might have helped them, too.

I got in just under the wire (my entry appeared on Don’t Mess With Taxes May 1 and the Frugal Fest published today), so you'll find my exploration of ways to cut your gasoline costs in the numerically significant 21st slot.

That means that as you scroll down to see my post, you'll get a good look at all the other money-saving bloggings. Among my favorites:

Enjoy, within your means, of course!


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