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SaxHey! I made a top 10 list!

In the Top 10 Tax Stories of 2005, Paul Caron, University of Cincinnati College of Law tax professor and editor of the uber-comprehensive TaxProf blog, ranks the growth of tax blogging as the 10th most important tax story of last year.

Citing a December 2004 Tax Notes story that found four tax blogs established that year, Caron notes that:

"In 2005, the number and popularity of tax blogs exploded, enriching the daily professional lives of tax academics, practitioners, government officials, and students.

"There are now well over a dozen active tax professor, tax practitioner, and tax think tank blogs."

He then goes on to list some of the year's new tax blogging efforts, including yours truly's Don't Mess With Taxes.

I'm honored to be part of TaxProf's list, since it is the ultimate tax blog. Go ahead, check it out.

But do come on back here for continued down-home, Texas-style tax blogging!



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Hey, Joe. Welcome to the world of e-commerce! My but we are becoming such an extended digital family. The one good thing about dwindling resources is that the IRS doesn't care about you. They only want people with money they can tax! But really, I'll discuss some self-employment tax issues a little later in the tax season, so keep reading!

Joe McNeely

Well, Kay your favorite cousin's younger brother done up and quit his job, and now with only five days before I face the prospect of serious unemployment with a recession on the way. How might you suggest that I could, as a fine upstanding American citizen, avoid the scrutiny of the IRS - now that my resources are dwindling.

audioevolution.org. Join the conversation.


No, dear cuz, being a journalist is fine so when the tax issues get really sticky I can refer them to the numbers experts like you!

Kathy Martin

Sharon Kay,

Do you mean to tell me that you should have majored in accounting all those years ago?


Congratulations on making the list!

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