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Love and taxes

Even I, a certified (insert your own joke; “certifiable” is usually the easy one my smart aleck husband falls back on) tax geek, was taken aback by this: Taxes are standing in the way of true love.

Well, more specifically, the tax-related jobs of a Kerr County, Texas, couple are standing in their nuptial way. R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle reports that a county tax collector and a county property tax appraiser who want to get married have run afoul of the state’s nepotism law. The official word has been handed down by the Texas Attorney General: One or the other has to quit his or her job to tie the knot.

But there’s one other tax speed bump on this road to the altar. Kerr County Tax Assessor-Collector Paula Rector, who also serves as a nonvoting member of the Kerr County Central Appraisal District, cannot resign her board post because state law says it has to be held by the tax collector. So, rather than make her intended relinquish his appraiser job, the couple will wait three years to marry. That’s when Ms. Rector’s current term, her fifth, ends.

Sure, William Shakespeare told us that the course of true love never did run smooth. But this detoured walk down the aisle makes the week-long, tax-driven wedding wait my husband I chose (detailed in an earlier post) look like we were on the matrimonial Autobahn.

Ms. Rector seems to be taking it better than a lot of brides-to-be would. I just hope she and her intended are treated to a lot of wedding showers in the interim to make up for the postponement of wedding bliss!


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