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Brrrr and more Brrrr!

A brief "brrr!" update. It's still COLD! Roads are icy (but people are still driving like idiots, the one unifying factor across America), schools are closed for the day (but, alas, no snow to play in), one of the local TV stations has pre-empted regular programming to do continuous weather reports and a section of the city is without power. It's sort of like being in hurricane bizarro world, where the same things happened but at temperatures about 70 degrees higher. It will be interesting, yeah, that's the word, interesting, to see what our first heating bill is after this first really cold snap. As I mentioned in last night's post, think about those who can't afford to turn up the thermostat because paying even normal bills is out of reach and consider giving to your local utility company program or similar assistance efforts.


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