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Santa's bad day

Santa1animated Seems like Santa is having a bad day over at this blog originating from New South Wales, Australia. (When did he move there?)

Before you click, one quick link content caution: I’m not kidding. This particular Santa’s is having a really, really bad day. In fact, I think he must be the model for Billy Bob Thornton’s R-rated “Bad Santa.” So you might not want to let the kiddies read.

What caught my eye in the post was, of course, a tax reference. Apparently, the IRS says St. Nick owes them, which prompts the query, who has ever sent Santa any money?

Well, when as kids my brother and I asked for expensive toys at Christmas, my mother would tell us that we had to find something more affordable because Santa always sent a bill for what showed up under the tree.

Sorry, Santa. I guess it’s my mom that sicced the IRS on you!


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