Don’t mess with any taxman
Post-turkey retirement ruminations

Of turkeys and taxes

It’s a safe bet that on Thanksgiving, few folks will be echoing the esteemed jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who once said “I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.” Holmes is right. Taxes Small_turkeyare necessary to keep any country, and its government, running despite the election-skewed approach many politicians take. Sure you can argue over the merits of various programs. I’m sure that something you think is critical, I’ll think is not worth my tax dime and vice versa. But that’s what makes a democracy great. We get to argue over this and, as a voting community -- a civilization, according to Justice Holmes -- elect and kick out lawmakers who make the tax and other government rules. We repeatedly hear politicians say “the people” want this or don’t want that. Are they correct? Make sure they really know what you do or don’t want, tax and otherwise, by calling, writing and voting.

Stepping off the soapbox now, I will admit that there are some pretty goofy taxes out there. On this Turkey Day, I recommend you check out this story on some of the strange taxes that states have enacted in order to keep money coming into their coffers.

Well, off to put my turkey in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving! 


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