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She Redden

I just read the story you had on Ohio's verification quiz back in 2015. This supposedly is to prevent fraud. My husband and I travel with the pipeline and are on the road constantly. We have our mail sent if we are gone from home more than 2 months. We received the letter 1 week after we filed but did not get our mail in time. Ohio gave us 3 only 30 days from the time the letter was sent to take the quiz. Now it sais we have to send 4 documents and if we itemized they want a copy of all deductions sent to the IRS. It will be 6 months before we may be able to get the $411 they owe us. Next time we work in Ohio we think it may be best to claim 20 kids so we will owe them and not have to take the quiz. We can just cut a check. The sad thing is the Rover Pipeline went through the entire state in 2017 and another one is going through in 2018. Everyone we know received this letter late. Think the interest and people that just dont worry about the smaller refunds should be bailing them out of all the fraud they have supposedly lost. We also had our taxes prepared by H&R Block. They need to have something added at the time they are prepared letting people know this is going to happen so they can take care of it before it's to late. Just thought you may want to be aware of the downside to new tax policies. Can you imagine how much they are holding from the thousands of pipelines that worked in the state in 2017.


I admit that you are a prolific writer. Tax is never easy topic for non-finance guys but who wouldn't like this.

Ed Hanes

Try some of the tax blog and courses on SurgentCPE. They now have Tony Nitti from Some great stuff on tax that really compliments this blog. Nice work!


Yay! It's time to start thinking about taxes again...

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